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!Happy National Architect’s Day

!Happy National Architect’s Day


Before going through to the main point, that would be good to know some thing about Sheykh Bahaei.

Shaykh Baha’ al Din’s fame was due to his excellent command of mathematics, architecture and geometry. A number or architectural and engineering designs are attributed to him, but none can be substantiated with sources.

He was the architect of Isfahan’s Imam Square, Imam Mosque and Hessar Najaf. He also made a sun clock to the west of the Imam Mosque. There is also no doubt about his mastery of topography. The best instance of this is the directing of the water of the Zayandeh Rood to different areas of Isfahan. He designed a canal called Zarrin Kamar in Isfahan which is one of Iran’s greatest canals. He also determined the direction of Qiblah from the Naghsh-e-Jahan Square.

He also designed and constructed a furnace for a public bathroom, which still exists in Isfahan, known as Sheikh Bahaei’s bathroom. The furnace was warmed by a single candle, which was placed in an enclosure. The candle burned for a long time, warming the bath’s water. According to his own instructions, the candle’s fire would be put out if the enclosure was ever opened. This happened during the restoration and repair of the building and no one has been able to make the system work again. He also designed the Menar Jonban, which still exists in Isfahan.

Shaykh Baha’ al-Din is also attributed with architectural planning of the city of Isfahan during the Safavid era. Shaykh had designed a public bath called “Garmabeh-e-shaykh” in Isfahan which for a long time it was running and providing hot water to public for years without any visible heating system of the day which usually needed tons of wood. Recently in 1969-70 the bathroom heating system was excavated and few series of underground pipe lines made of sun dried clay were discovered even though there are many theories about the working of this heating system, it was concluded recently that he knew about biogas and the network was to guide toilet wells which were common to Iranian’s houses and mosques.

The High Council of Cultural Revolution in Iran designated April 23 as the National Architect Day, marking the birth anniversary of Sheikh Bahaei.

But, what about international architect day?

World Architecture Day was celebrated every year on the 1st day of July. But in 1996, the International Union of Architects moved it to the first Monday of October. However, most countries around the world including architects of our country still stick with the original date. It’s great because you and we can celebrate this festival trice a year. 🙂


Thanks those millions of architects working so hardly and creatively every day to build our common environment. The teams that wish you to create projects full of beauty, purity, light, space, sustainability, and many more qualities of architecture directly effecting people live.

Work easy and create a better world. Best wishes for World Architect’s Day!

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